Silicone Release Papers & Films
We have a long history of producing high quality silicone coated papers and films. Our silicone coated and speciality release liner are designed for the pressure-sensitive adhesives industry. Given the broad range of adhesive applications and our diverse converting capabilities, we customise our release liner to specifically address your product requirements. The applications we serve include graphic arts, medical, hygiene, fibre composites, tapes, labels and others.

Our silicone coated release papers & film liners find application in label, medical, hygiene, tape, composite, graphic arts and other industrial segments, food release & cooking papers.

We possess a high degree of technical ability, which enables us to fully understand customer requirements for release paper and release film and to develop specific products for specific solutions. We also work closely with our raw material suppliers to advise and specify new and improved market focused products.
We offers range of silicone coated substrates with a wide range of physical properties :
  • Supercalendered kraft
  • Sized/ primed kraft
  • Clay coated kraft
  • PE coated kraft
  • High density polyethylene film
  • Polyester film
  • Vegetable parchment
  • Greaseproof paper
Capabilities Include:
  • Custom paper & film coating – 1/side & 2/side
  • Capabilities upto 1250mm wide
  • Narrow slitting
  • Printing
  • Sheeting
  • Four week lead time
  • Small quantities
  • In-house technical support staff to evaluate your product
  • Exceptional customer service
The list of our customer worldwide include renowned merchants, convertors & end-users. With our outstanding quality, excellent service and exceptional production flexibility and in the increasingly technical environment of the market for release paper and release film, we have a highly acclaimed reputation as suppliers of technical release products. PackPrint offers three types of release liners. 1. POLYCOATED BLEACHED/ UNBLEACHED PAPER BASED RELEASE LINER. Our polycoated silicone release liners offers :
  • Consistent release
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Lay flat
  • Surface smoothness and
  • Strength properties.
2. DIRECT SILICONE COATED RELEASE PAPERS Our direct coated silicone release liners carry following distinct features :
  • Consistent release
  • Printability
  • Die-cuttability
  • Suitable for high temp. conversion process
  • Good compatibility with hot melt adhesive.
  • High tear and tensile strength due to optimum fiber content and good formation
  • No optical brighteners are used.
3. DIRECT COATED RELEASE FILMS Our offering also include silicone coated PET and BOPP films with either one or two sided release :
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Smoothness and
  • Tear and tensile strength
  • High temp. and Solvent resistant
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