Positioning & Strategic Focus
Positioned for Growth We operate within targeted, well-defined parameters :
  • We focus specialized, environmental friendly products
  • We serve select, brand-recognizable customers
  • We concentrate on customized and valued-added packaging
We concentrate on :
  • Technologies that provide a competitive advantage
  • Relationships with world’ reputed merchants & convertors
  • Anticipating and understanding trends in the printing & packaging industry
  • Ongoing investment in research & development.
  • A commitment to preserving natural resources and sustaining our environment
Propelling Our Customers' Growth Our strategic focus is on fulfilling the consumer preference for speciality products, with packaging solutions that meet our customers’ needs for performance, sustainability and cost effectiveness. We believe that we have capacity and capability to offer world-class products at Indian pricing.
We specialize in offering value-added products which serve : Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Healthcare, Household, and Automotive Lubricants and Chemicals.
We continue to develop new products that focus on the development of high-quality, industry-leading packaging that adds value and gives our customers a competitive advantage.
Preserving Our World We remain focused on the effects of our operations on the environment and persist with our implementation of sustainability initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. Through combined efforts with our partners in progress, we’ve been able to have a dramatic positive impact on our world.
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